Plaza Futura Live Painting

This weekend Journey curated a live painting event and expo with four Salvadorean street artists: Horus, SnatoonKPC, Defie and Victor VHZ. Each with their own unique style and technique were able to bring the audience closer to the street art movement and share their journey as street artists. It was extremely pleasing to witness people from all backgrounds and ages stare at the artist and ask us about the movement. People who once thought graffiti was solely associated to the gang art on the streets, understood that this movement comprises a myriad of artistic currents around the world that are transforming our social arena. It was an honor to bring El Salvador closer to the street art movement! Thank you Plaza Futura!

Location: Plaza Futura, Calle El Mirador, entre 87 y, 89 Avenida Norte, San Salvador

Centro EspaƱol

This summer 2018 the Journey worked hand in hand with el Centro Español and urban artist Darwin Flores to create a mural that represents the Spanish culture. For this mural Journey facilitated round table discussions to understand what Spain means to the members of el Centro Español. With these extracts, Darwin drew the mural and brought it to life. It is with great honor that we present to you this mural!  

Location: Centro Español, Paseo General Escalón y 83 Avenida Norte, Colonia Escalón, San Salvador, El Salvador.


Journey was part of Alamar's Girl Camp! this summer. We worked with 150 girls between the ages of 6 and 13 and taught them everything about graffiti, street art and muralism.

On the first week the girls experimented with the iconic Montana Colors cans and were able to create their own tag and throw-up directly on a wall- they loved it! On the second week each girl created their own candy-themed "paste- up" and on week three we finished the camp with a beautiful mural.

Location: Alamar, Avenida La Capilla No. 539, Colonia San Benito, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Look this video about the summer camp

ConTextos Soy Autor!

ConTextos is an organization that believes in the transformative power of stories. Journey paired with them to curate an exhibition that demonstrated what their program Soy Autor consisted of.

Through the program Soy Autor, ConTextos works with individuals in vulnerable situations- such as convicts and people living in areas with high violence- and they execute a literature program through which the participants write and publish a personal story (you can read these stories here). 

In the exhibition, Journey curated a space in San Salvador that would feel the viewer as if they had stepped into a classroom in one of the high violence communities, Apopa. The Journey recreated the space including the ceramic tiles that the schools where the Soy Autor workshops were held have, we added the piñatas, candy, games and even desks that are found in Apopa. The most beautiful part was that we also created a mural with artist Gris Andu that reflected 20 participants that had participated in the program.

Location: ConTextos, 2a Ave. Norte, #3-2, Santa Tecla, El Salvador

Alternative Journeys Concept Store

At the Alternative Journey's concept store we worked with three Salvadorean artists to create a tropical composition for this space. The main masterpiece was executed by TNT, a Salvadorean street artist, known for his geometric colors and vivid style to create a tropical mural that reflects the essence of the town of El Tunco. This mural was created on a removable surface that allows Alt Journeys to move the masterpiece around! We also worked with Gris Andu to create a board that encompassed all the experiences and activities that were happening at the Store and we also added two surf boards by the talented artist Tito Marquez. 

Location: Alternative Journeys Concept Store, Plaza El Tunco, Tunco Beach, El Salvador.

Urban Security Exchange

The Urban Security Exchange was a forum held by Igarapé (Brazil), USAID, PNUD, Inter American Dialogue, ForoPaz, and Fundación Dr. Guillermo Manuel Ungo at Cajamarca in which key panelists discussed the violence situation in the northern triangle countries of Central America.

Journey curated an expo in which we presented the three main currents of urban art - graffiti, street art and muralism, and how, through different programs, these art currents contributed to the diminution of violence in different case studies around the world.

We invited four national artists, Gris Andu, Cokie, Ehcka Eones, and Renacho Melgar as representatives for each artistic current.

Learn more about this forum here. 

The Take Over

The Take Over is a street art festival of interchanging artists around the world. In 2017 we brought together Barcelona and Berlin- based artists to takeover an urban space and transform it into an urban art gallery. This space, Nau Bostik, is located at the heart of the industrial neighborhood of La Sagrera in Barcelona.

Guests are invited to join us for a series of live paintings, a market place, a cold beer, funky music, and a good vibe! If you’d like a Take Over to be held in a city near you, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Location: Nau Bostik, Carrer Ferrán Turné 11, Barcelona, Catalunya.

Nau Bostik

Nau Bostik is a cultural center located in La Sagrera and an outdoor urban art gallery. Journey contributed with the inclusion of iconic street artists of Barcelona in this space. Our workshops in Barcelona are also held in this industrial space.

Location: Nau Bostik, Carrer Ferrán Turné 11, Barcelona, Catalunya.

Alternative Journeys

We are part of Alternative Journeys! Supporting local culture and working to bring the street art scene closer to the people. Through this platform we are able to promote street art events such as live paintings, our workshops, talks, and festivals becoming part of a larger cultural community!

If you are visiting any of the cities we cover, and would like to plan your trip with other cultural, gastronomic or artistic endeavors, Alternative Journeys is perfect for you!

Location: San Salvador and Barcelona