Mis muertos Dead Relations by Uriginal

Last week we visited the N2 Gallery at Carrer Enric Granados for the exhibit opening “Mis Muertos” by Catalan artist Uriginal.

In this exhibit Uriginal takes iconic works of art - such as Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”, Velázquez’ “Las Meninas,” or Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”- and has re- created them through the lens of a 21st century artist. I thought this was phenomenal! 

 Photo: The Bacchus by Uriginal, reminds me of The Bacchus by Caravaggio  

 When I was studying Art History at Rollins I took a "Women in Art" class and we literally spent a whole week discussing Picasso's "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon."

We analyzed it through the male gaze point of view and discussed hours on end the impact of African colonization and the exotic in Western art.

Well, long story short... when I walked into the gallery, I was surprised to see Uriginal’s take on this work of art!

He created a different take on Picassos’s work 100 years later! The central figures in his work are Western icons - #BradPitt and #GeorgeClooney- and they're male! And, the women on the side are no longer wearing masks but are directly, powerfully staring back at the viewer.    

Photo: Brad Pit

   His ability to depict jewelry and intricate tapestry in his works was also mystical: 

Photo: Jewerly

  This work was done in collaboration with Miss Van, a favorite as well <3   

Photo: Napoleon Pride