Secle Style´s Paste-Up Workshops

When I first got to Barcelona, I noticed Secle Style’s spinning tops with beautiful motivational messages on the streets of Gracia...

I kept photographing them, uploading them on my Instagram page, wandering who this girl was and what inspired her to leave these messages out in the city… Until, one day, I stumbled upon one of her Paste-Up Workshops online! Turns out the Workshop was an entire success, not only do you get to make your own paste-up, which I pasted on the streets later, but you get to spend a beautiful morning next to art enthusiasts! I recommend you participate in one of Secle’s workshops, she’s heart-warming, positive and will make sure that you have a magical experience!

A short intro on the paste-up technique is provided

Esther, my paste - all set and done

Worked with stencils as well 

Planning out my design

Secle Style at Susurro Barcelona

Secle's Paste - UP