Exploring the parisian Scene

  • It’s always a charm to visit the eternal city and walk on its cobbled streets surrounded by Haussmann’s buildings, always paying attention for the next Space Invader, Monsieur Chat or Clet Abrahams lurking around the corner…

Photo: Space Invader

Each city is a living microcosm when it comes to street art, and Paris, with its orderly mosaics and miniature oil installations, embodies the chic-ness it is so well known for!
There are the famous characters (mentioned above) in the city center, but if you explore a little deeper you will find that Paris is rich with multicultural quarters that inhabit the alternative world we’re so fond of.                                                                                                   

                                                                                                1.  Plaçe du Calvaire, Montmartre
A twenty minute walk uphill from the Opera, this neighborhood has been home to many artists including Picasso, who created his “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” during his residency in the area. If you cross Plaçe du Tertre directly to Plaçe du Calvaire a young man will lure you in with his violin to all the striking installations... The breasts by Intralarue were my favorite, so moving!

     Photo: Intalarue.

  2. Rue Denoyez, Belleville
Located on the 20eme arrondissement, Rue Denoyez is totally worth the trip! A series of old stores are now an outdoor canvas to all those who visit! Hint::: There is this amaze balls vegan café Primeur that will warm your soul.   

Photo: Manyoly on Rue Denoyez  

 3. Canal St. Martin, 10eme Arrondisement

Took a full day to explore the Canal St. Martin area with its repertoire of concept stores and on-point bookstores, I even stumbled upon a piñata shop- as a Salvadorian, I had a blast talking to the Colombian designers! In this area you get to admire larger murals, fuller installations, and a deeper sense of the local Parisian! 

                                                                                                                Photo:Monsiur Chat                                                                                 

 4. 3eme arrondissement

Part of Le Marais falls within the 3eme arrondissement were you are sure to find plenty of art galleries with colorful street art on their façades. As a Barcelona artstigator I was thrilled to spy these goodies! Foto: Zosen Bandido, Mina Hamada an Chanoir .  Hope you enjoyed this Journey and check out the Photo Album to see the full-on finds!

                                        Photo:  Zosen Bandido, Mina hamada, Chanoir.