Tracking BTOY

I love when people talk to me about their interests, their ideas, or any cool street art project they’re working on. So, last week when one of our tour participants messaged me about her interest on finding BTOY’s works around Barcelona -because her daughter’s working on an essay comparing BTOY’s art with Banksy’s- I was really excited to help!

I decided it would be nice to publish the list of works, and where to find them, on the Journey for you to enjoy as well.

Here are my eight favorite works by BTOY:  

1. Guzzo Bar, Plaça Comercial, 10, 08003 Barcelona

 2. Passeig de Circumvaŀlació, Barcelona

 3. Nau Bostik, Carrer Ferran Turné, 11, 08027 Barcelona

4. El Clot 

5. Carrer Pere IV

 6. Carrer de l'Aurora, 08001 Barcelona

7. Carrer de Maria, 08012 Barcelona

8. Base Elements, Carrer del Palau, 6, 08002 Barcelona