Visiting the GarGar Festival @Panelles

Do you ever feel like visiting a contemporary art museum can be tedious? Pricey? Intimidating? "Too many white walls" almost? Yup, we’ve all been there! Well then, a mural arts tour is the thing for you!
This weekend we visited the neighboring town of Panelles, where the GarGar Festival took place earlier this month, and had so much fun finding all the murals located around the town. Even our four-legged buddy enjoyed walking around the street art scene at Panelles.

The first thing we did was download the virtual map from the festival’s website. It was very detailed and it had information on this year’s and last year’s interventions.
Then, we “artstigated” our way through the town of Panelles, documenting the beautiful art we encountered. At some point even the people from the town, who knew exactly where each mural was, gave us tips on which murals not to miss and the best way to get to them!

If you’re in Barcelona and want to stay away from the massive tourism that literally invades our city each summer then this is your alternative! We will gladly plan your trip to Panelles!

Here is a list of our 10 favorite murals: 

  1.  Amaia Arrazola 


2. Run e Ignasi Roses Photograph by @sbaussan  



  4. Kram  El Edu  Photograph by  @sbaussan 

  5. Akore

  6, Sebastien Waknine    Photograph by @sbaussan 

  7. Lily BRK   Photograph by  @sbaussan


8.Jofre Works 

  9. Federico Draw with Contra Rue     Photograph by @sbaussa  

  10. Zosen y Mina Hamada