is a graffiti artist and self-taught street artist born in Murcia in 1976 and raised in Barcelona, where he lives and works. He is considered one of the most popular and well-known artists in Barcelona today. Akore began painting in the late 80s with the hip-hop rhythm that exploded in the suburbs of Barcelona, where he grew up. It was during this time that he began to work on his first sketches, illustrations, calligraphy, typography, labels and graffiti. Today, he is well known in the street art scene for his colorful, powerful and expressive Afro graffiti. He likes to paint on the illegal walls of the city to break the established norms and standards. His unique style is established around the graffiti post. It has been defined as urban, primitive, tribal, abstract, hip-funk, electroafropunk, and has been named 'Afrocolor'. His portraits and paintings of African tribal women echo the soul of Mother Africa, with whom he has always connected manually. Having been born in Murcia, a region of the southeast of Spain very close to Africa, has managed to establish geographic, historical and cultural forts with Africa, where identify their roots, descent and spiritual identity. Guided by his own instinct, he sometimes seeks the notion of Art for Art, hedonism, pleasure and creative activity per se. Other times, look for exchanges, escapism, limits, rupture, radicalism, provocation, what is not so beautiful. On the communication front, he forges the dialectic with the other way of experience, which is understood as a journey that transmits life itself. The conscious or unconscious use of a language that is socially sensitive to the mundane is seeking to establish a dialogue with the other. This is sometimes more important than the functional aesthetics of your work of art. His work is clearly influenced by urban culture, Hip-Hop, African-American movements and culture, African technology, popular art and graphic design